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Cheng You Zhi

Cheng You Zhi SIT-University of Glasgow 2016.jpgHe graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Aeronautical Engineering in 2016, 1st class honours, from SIT-University of Glasgow!!

You Zhi has always been an all-rounder. He took the triple science combination while he was in Bukit View Sec. He was the chairman of the Media Resource Library and also the President of the Student Council Board 2007/2008.

He developed a keen interest in Aviation at a young age and he took up Aeromodelling at the age of 14. Spurred on by the interest he joined the Singapore Youth Flying Club and he went on to pursue his interest in Aviation in Nanyang Polytechnic where he completed his Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering. He managed to find time to train as a pilot with the Singapore Youth Flying Club.

He then took part in several national and regional Aeromodelling competitions and came in with respectable results. Other than Aeromodelling, he took up go karting as his hobby. Through go karting, he has learned to work well under pressure and to maintain a professional demeanour.

He went on to complete his Degree in Aeronautical Engineering with University of Glasgow. In his free time, he enjoys sharing his passion with school students through Aviation Outreach Programmes.

A Saravanan

A Saravanan NTU 2016.jpgHe was the LKY-STEP awardee in 2013, Singapore Polytechnic.

While at NTU, he was among the first to work on NTU’s satellite programme. He served a 3-month internship at USA’s Aerospace Education Centre and also presented his research to NASA aerospace researchers.Additionally, he was the President of NTU EEE Club and was awarded the NTU College Scholarship. In 2016, he graduated from NTU, was awarded the EEE excellence award and was the valedictorian!

Photos credit: TNP, NTU

Dr Brendan Chin Yi Yao

brendan chin spore medical council physician pledge ceremony 2015.jpg

Singapore Medical Council Physician Pledge Ceremony 2015

Muhammad Shafarie Bin Abdul Manan

Shafarie resized.jpg

MOE Teaching Award 2014

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