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School Advisory Committee

School Advisory Committee

The School Advisory Committee (SAC) serves in an advisory and voluntary capacity to support school programmes, functions and activities. Led By Mr Richard ST Tan, the Chairman since 1999, they offers sponsorship and helps the school raise funds for developmental, infrastructural and enrichment activities to benefit students and staff.

The committee members are an integral part of the Bukit View Secondary School Community and have built close relationships with the staff and pupils of the school. Members provides links and encourages networking between the school, the community and industry for mutual benefit and quality education. Their support and presence is both felt and seen at many school events like the School’s Speech and Prize Giving Day, Sports Day, BVSS Fiesta, Teachers’ Day and Annual Staff Dinner. The SAC also endorse the MOE Edusave Character Award (ECHA) nominees.

They have a keen interest in the students’ welfare and the school’s vision to be ‘A Dynamic Institution That Adds Value To All’. Thus, they have provided recognition for students’ achievements by giving out the SAC Scholarship and SAC Bursary. Needy pupils have also been provided with valuable financial help. They also give out the SAC Awards for staff since 2011 to recognize staff contribution. To further encourage the students and staff for their effort, the SAC members always sponsor prizes for events like Sports Day and BVSS Fiesta, as well as treat staff to Teachers’ Day Lunch and Annual Staff Dinner. The School’s Ecogarden was completed in 2008 with a $27000 sponsorship from the SAC.


Mr Lim Boon Lye                    (Chairman)

Mr Marcus Lim                       (Member)

Mdm Anne Neo Poh Choo     (Member)

Mr Nick Lim Boon Seong       (Member)

Mrs Genevieve Mok               (Member)

Recognition for SAC member – Service to Education Award

Since 1990, the Ministry of Education (MOE) has been giving out the Service to Education Awards in recognition of the role and contribution of the School Advisory Committee (SAC) of government schools,

This award is given to members of the public who have come forward voluntarily to serve in our school. They have made significant contributions to the school, working closely with the principal, staff and pupils, and giving their strong support to school programmes; raising fund to promote school development and programmes for pupil welfare and promoting closer relationship between the community and the school.

In 2013, Mr Sundaram S/O Gurusamy, a member of Bukit View Secondary School SAC received the Service to Education Award – Pewter Award.

Mr Sundaram receiving award.jpg
Mr Sundaram receiving the award from the SAC Chairman, Mr Richard ST Tan
In 2015, Mr Marcus Lim, a member of Bukit View Secondary School SAC received the Service to Education Award – Pewter Award.
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